Thank you for renting with GlamEdge!

Booking and Confirmation:
• The booking fee is non-refundable and will be forfeited upon cancellation. Confirmation of an item’s booking occurs after payment of the rental fee and issuance of an order number. Once confirmed, rental orders cannot be canceled, and payments made are non-refundable.

Gown Selection and Exchange:
• Renters are entitled to one opportunity to change their gown choice. This change is limited to an item of the same or higher price and must occur within the same scheduled date of use. Only a one-to-one exchange is allowed. For instance, switching from one bridal gown to another bridal gown is permissible, while exchanging one bridal gown for multiple dinner gowns is not permitted.

Booking Fee and Transferability:
• The booking fee is non-transferable to another person. Promo or sales items are not eligible for exchange or refund.

Responsibility for Damage or Loss:
• Renters are liable for any loss or damage caused to the rented products. The renter will be charged the full replacement cost or value, whichever is higher.

Rental Duration and Returns:
• The standard rental duration is 4 days. In the case of late pickup, the renter must return the items by the original return date. A late return penalty of RM 100 per item per day will be applied.

Additional Damage/Cleaning Fee:
• An additional damage/cleaning fee of up to RM 300 may be charged for dirt, mud, stains, or any damage that exceeds normal wear and tear.